Freeport East’s corporate governance framework encompasses a set of principles and guidelines that guide the behaviour and actions of its directors, executives, and employees. This framework promotes ethical conduct, effective risk management, and the protection of stakeholders’ interests. Through regular board meetings, independent audits, and comprehensive reporting, Freeport East demonstrates its commitment to maintaining high standards of governance, fostering trust among shareholders, customers, and the wider community.

By upholding robust corporate governance practices, Freeport East strengthens its position as a reliable and reputable industry leader.

Board Agendas + Minutes

Memorandum of Understanding

A Memorandum of Understanding is in place which sets out the terms, principles and practices that applies to the working relationship between the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC); East Suffolk Council (the Accountable Body); and the Freeport East Governing Body (the Board) regarding delivery and administration of the Freeport, including the use of public funds and collection of business rates in the Freeport tax sites through the three billing authorities (East Suffolk Council, Mid Suffolk District Council, and Tendring District Council).

Our Full Business Case was approved by government in January 2023. You can read a summary of our Full Business Case here.


We take complaints very seriously. We endeavour to act openly and honestly with all third parties in order to pursue our objectives. We recognise that complaints are an important way for the Company to be made accountable to the wider public, providing valuable prompts to review our performance as a whole, as well as insight into how our employees conduct themselves. Please refer to our complaints procedure for further information.

If you wish to make a complaint – including the option to make an anonymous complaint – simply fill out the form below. Complaints and concerns raised anonymously will be treated in confidence and every effort will be made to protect the complainant’s identity.

Employees, board members and contractors may refer to our Whistleblowing Policy.

Requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act

As a Company Limited by Guarantee we are not formally subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2005. However we recognise the importance of accountability and transparency and voluntarily adhere to this legislation. Please see our Information Transparency Policy for further information.