HMRC have recently published these indicative examples of how businesses can benefit from locating in a Freeport. They focus on businesses locating within a customs site, but some also cover the tax site benefits. The document also includes a summary of the Freeport customs benefits, including those which are unique to the Freeports customs offer.

HMRC Freeport business examples (

Eligible businesses located in any of the Freeport East tax sites will benefit from certain tax reliefs and will enjoy a range of tax incentives, such as enhanced capital allowances, relief from Stamp Duty Land Tax and employer national insurance contributions for additional employees. New businesses moving into the Freeport East tax sites, and some existing businesses that expand, will also benefit from full business rates relief.

Details of the Freeport East tax offer

  • Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) relief is available for certain qualifying purchases of land and buildings within Freeport tax sites. SDLT relief is available until 30 September 2026.
  • Enhanced Structures and Buildings Tax relief is offered to firms constructing or renovating structures and buildings for non-residential use within Freeport East tax sites. This measure will give relief at a higher rate of 10% compared to the existing national rate of 3% and is available until 30 September 2026.
  • Enhanced Capital Allowance Tax relief is available for companies investing in qualifying new plant and machinery assets. The measure will make available a 100% enhanced capital allowance (also known as a first-year allowance) to companies operating within a tax site of Freeport East. This relief is available until 30 September 2026.
  • National Insurance Contributions (NICs) for employers with a business premises within a Freeport East tax site can be applied at a zero rate on the earnings of all new hires up to £25,000 per annum for 36 months for each employee that spends 60% or more of their working time within the tax site. Relief on employer NICs will be available for all new hires from April 2022 until April 2026 for the full 36-month period, with the intention to extend for up to a further five years to April 2031, subject to a review of the relief.
  • Full Business Rates Relief will be available to new business within a Freeport East tax site, and certain existing businesses where they expand, until 30 September 2026. This relief will be available for five years meaning that if a business first received relief on 30 September 2026, the relief may be applied up to 29 September 2031.

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