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3 November 2023

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Rux Energy

Inefficient and costly hydrogen storage and transportation has created barriers to the adoption of hydrogen as a power fuel, impeding the decarbonisation of heavy industries. Traditional users of hydrogen have co-located with fossil-fuelled hydrogen production facilities for this reason.

To realise Freeport East’s ambition to act as a green hydrogen hub there will be a need to transport hydrogen from the point of production to the point of consumption as well as storing it when there is a surplus of renewable electricity supply for electrolysis.

Removing these barriers will enable the world to reach its net zero targets; that’s where Rux Energy UK steps in.

Rux Energy UK is an advanced materials start-up seeking to double the density, halve the cost and improve the safety of hydrogen storage and distribution in order to remove the blockers to hydrogen adoption globally. Rux’s technology is in the intellectual property relating to the storage of hydrogen, a type of sponge called a metal-organic-framework.

Founded in Australia, Rux Energy builds supply chain ecosystems that ensure successful deployment of hydrogen as a power fuel for systems such as bulk distribution, refuelling, heavy mobility, aviation and energy networks.  Facilitated by Freeport East, Rux registered its UK subsidiary in Harwich, a first outside Australia, in April 2023.

With an award-winning and rapidly growing team, Rux Energy seeks to further the planet’s decarbonisation needs and reduce 50 million tonnes of CO2 annually by 2030.

Working with Freeport East – A Centre for Green Hydrogen

Freeport East is working towards becoming a global hub for transport and maritime decarbonisation and reducing emissions both on land and sea.

To aid this ambition, Freeport East invited Rux Energy to co-create FRESH (Freeport East Rux Energy Supply of Hydrogen), a consortium of private sector and higher education organisations aimed at bidding for innovation funding, whose membership varies depending on the project in hand.

As well as helping with introductions to technology and research partners, and asset owners for applying the technology, Freeport East has also identified opportunities for local supply chain partners to get involved, which will be critical in helping Rux develop its innovative technology into real-world products, such as vessel and vehicle fuel tanks or energy network storage.

Dr Jehan Kanga, Founder and CEO of Rux Energy, said: “Thanks to the input from Freeport East, Rux Energy has launched its first subsidiary far ahead of when we had anticipated. The synergy between the two organisations was immediate and we quickly found ourselves part of the Freeport East community and striving towards our mutual goals of maritime decarbonisation.

“By working with Freeport East, we are now part of one of the most innovative and driven clean energy regions in the world.”

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