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3 November 2023

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Software company, Entopy, is reshaping the landscape for complex organisations with its advanced technology and AI. Since its 2020 entry into the supply chain sector, Entopy has achieved remarkable year-on-year revenue growth, hitting new heights in 2023. Collaborations with industry leaders like Fujitsu Services UK has expanded its reach into hospitality and critical infrastructure sectors.

Based in Newmarket, Suffolk, Entopy accomplishes all this with just a team of six and is anticipating doubling turnover for the fifth consecutive year in 2023. Its expertise lies in bringing together, and making sense of large, complex and disparate datasets to deliver operational intelligence for large organisations across sectors like seaports, critical infrastructure, supply chains, and hospitality. Ambitious expansion plans into utilities, ESG and defence sectors are on the horizon.

Entopy’s strength lies in its innovative data modelling approach, capturing real-world dynamics while prioritising privacy and security. Its AI known as ‘micro-machine-learning models,’ produces flexible and user-friendly results, setting Entopy apart from competitors.

Entopy boldly competes with major US-based players, offering a compelling alternative through speed, flexibility, and capability, crucial for large companies.

Working with Freeport East – Opening doors to valuable connections

In early 2023, Entopy joined forces with Freeport East, a partnership that proved pivotal. This collaboration opened doors to valuable connections and innovative prospects. With introductions to the University of Essex and its Institute for Analytics and Data Science, Entopy has been awarded funding through Innovate UK.

Freeport East’s guidance and support played a decisive role in securing funding from the Freight Innovation Fund, a cornerstone of the Department for Transport’s Future of Freight Strategy. Managed by the Connected Places Catapult, this funding not only facilitated engagements with a major UK port but also accelerated the development of crucial innovations, such as Entopy’s pioneering micro-machine-learning models.

Moreover, Freeport East alerted Entopy to other innovation funds, including the Offshore Renewable Energy catapult (ORE) and the Defence and Space Accelerator (DASA). These opportunities present the potential for expansion into new market sectors and additional research and development support.

Toby Mills, founder and CEO of Entopy, acknowledges the invaluable support of Freeport East. “Freeport East is playing a pivotal role in our journey,” says Toby. “They have provided invaluable support, forged critical connections, exposed us to PR opportunities, facilitated networking, and even connected us with senior government ministers. Entopy is now well-prepared for sustained growth in the digital twin sector.

As we advance, capitalising on our robust growth momentum, expanding our customer base, and fortifying our core technology are essential.”

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