Net Zero Initiatives

Supporting the UK’s trajectory towards net zero and ensuring we create the economic and employment opportunities that arise from a green transition are core parts of the Freeport East proposition.

The East of England is already a clean energy powerhouse of international significance, comprising a range of renewable generation, innovation & R&D assets but also the deep skills and experience to match.  It is in our national interest that the region’s capabilities are deployed to drive forward decarbonisation across the transport sector.

We are pursuing a number of net zero initiatives and want to work closely with a range of partners to ensure they deliver to their full potential.

Here we highlight some of our current areas of work. Do get in touch if you want to discuss opportunities with us.

Please get in touch with the Freeport East team and discover the exciting opportunities available.

Green Hydrogen Hub

Freeport East is developing a Green Hydrogen Hub.

Offshore Wind Facility + Green Energy Hub

Freeport East has huge advantages for companies operating in the offshore wind sector.

Green Corridor Developments

Decarbonisation of our transport systems will require the action of multiple parties along extended transportation corridors that can stretch from the very local, to the truly global.

Biodiversity Partnerships

We recognise the importance of balancing the demands for new infrastructure and development with protecting and nurturing our local biodiversity, both on land and in the marine environment.