Green Hydrogen Hub

Freeport East is developing a Green Hydrogen Hub.

Not only will this pursue the interconnected infrastructure required to supply, distribute and transport green hydrogen but, it will also work with partners to address wider elements of the system required to maximise the potential and opportunity of a green hydrogen system.

With the largest resource of offshore wind and other renewables on our doorstep and extensive demand for green fuels in the transportation sector, green hydrogen is a significant economic and employment opportunity for Freeport East. It is also a key way we can support decarbonisation in the UK and further afield.

Hydrogen is a powerful, transportable energy carrier that can produce electricity, power industry, and enable transportation. Unlike fossil fuels, when hydrogen is burned, it generates only water as a byproduct, meaning no harmful greenhouse gas emissions. For this reason, it is an attractive fuel for the future.

Analysis shows that the Freeport East area, including local industry, transportation and the maritime sector could create demand of around 1GW of hydrogen by 2030. This provides ample opportunity for new investment to be supported.

With the largest road, rail and maritime freight hub in the country, Freeport East has the scale necessary to drive hydrogen-centric decarbonisation efforts across the maritime and transportation sector.

All of our tax-efficient development sites are suited to supporting a new green hydrogen supply chain and one such project, with ScottishPower in Felixstowe, is already under development. A number of other sites are also able to support green hydrogen developments.

Freeport East has significant container port capacity, which could have a critical role to play in the development of hydrogen-enabled green shipping corridors through partnering with international ports and shipping lines and brokering new global partnerships.

The Freeport East area and partners bring together many of the innovation capabilities required to drive forward a future hydrogen economy. We are already working with universities and industry to build collaborative partnerships in this area.

Freeport East Hydrogen Hub

The Freeport East Green Hydrogen Hub is a place-based collaboration model.  As well as facilitating the delivery of specific projects and working with inward investors, we are focused on how we can facilitate all the elements necessary to help deliver a green hydrogen economy in our local area, whilst ensuring that local people and businesses benefit from the skills, employment and commercial opportunities that this will provide.