We offer a broad range of opportunities to work and collaborate with us.

Whether you are looking to access international markets, searching for a place to showcase a new product or service, pitching for investment or looking for a new location to grow your business – we can help.

Our tax site locations and custom models provide opportunities to access specific incentives designed to help attract and grow business. See Our Locations for more information.

As a freeport, we are able to retain 100% of the business rates growth generated by our 250 hectares across three tax sites for the next 25 years, in order to invest in regeneration in the tax sites themselves and within their local area.

We can also use this funding to support local businesses and promote initiatives which help us to achieve the overall ambitions of Freeport East. This funding is expected to amount to hundreds of millions of pounds over the coming years.

As part of our setting up of the freeport, Freeport East will produce a strategy to outline how we plan to deploy these retained business rate funds and the processes and the governance involved. We will publish any opportunities arising from that strategy here on our website.

As well as access to our own funding opportunities, businesses can also benefit from our international connections (including engagement with many UK trade posts globally), our growing innovation networks which are supported by central government and a number of R&D Catapults, and collaboration opportunities in our key sectors.

For example, we are already building a number of successful industry partnerships to pursue green hydrogen opportunities and we want to maximise local supply chain access in this and other key sectors.

Wider opportunities include working with us to engage sector-specific economic and market regulators on tackling barriers to innovative new technology applications and business models. Contact us to find out more about the Freeport Regulatory Engagement Network (FREN), which is supported by UK Government and a specific opportunity for freeports.

We also have high aspirations around supporting the green transition including green fuels, renewable energy and biodiversity, and ensuring innovation is at the heart of growing our local economy.

We are always open to new ideas on how we can partner with you or your business to create new opportunities, deploy innovation and create economic growth for our local region, the UK and our trading partners.