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20 June 2024

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RoboK is at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into industrial safety.

By using existing CCTV cameras, found in most industrial workplaces, with AI and advanced analytics RoboK provides insight that significantly reduces safety risks associated with machinery and employee interactions.

Founded by Cambridge University graduate, Hao Zheng, who was driven by the loss of a close relative in a marine-related accident, RoboK aims to transform safety procedures in industrial settings. Conversations with survivors who endured life-altering injuries revealed a common belief; many accidents were avoidable and highlighted the pressing need for proactive safety measures in industrial settings.

The technology has many applications but is focused on improving safety and performance at ports and transportation environments. RoboK’s technology is already used in major UK ports as well as other critical infrastructure sectors including road and rail.

The small team comprises of specialists from statistics, economics, computer science and engineering backgrounds. RoboK is backed by investors including Cambridge Enterprise, Martlet Capital, Amadeus Capital Partners, Deeptech Labs and U-blox AG. The company has also received funding from InnovateUK, Department for Transport and Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Working with Freeport East

 Impressed by RoboK’s success, Freeport East contacted the team and is now collaborating on the PALLETS project, focusing on developing an AI analytics platform tailored to the specific needs of the logistics industry as well as addressing obstacles to AI adoption and enhancing efficiency, transparency, and safety.

The PALLETS project has received over £1 million in funding from Innovate UK, and is a collaboration between RoboK, Freeport East, and partners including the University of Essex, The Finishing Line Limited, Dover Harbour Board, First Corporate Shipping Limited (trading as the Bristol Port Company) and Astron Fire and Security Limited.

Explaining the impact Freeport East has had on the business Hao Zheng, RoboK co-founder, said:

“Freeport East has been fantastic in building connections. Through its vast network and support of our research, Freeport East has helped industry leading stakeholders understand the impact of our technology in a real-world setting, which has accelerated our market entry.

With support from Freeport East, we are now looking to enhance and refine our products to help expand our customer base.”

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