Why Freeport East?

Freeport East works with ambitious businesses to pursue new horizons. We have a range of unique advantages which make our region one of the most exciting and dynamic investment opportunities in the UK.

What we offer

Freeport East has a wide range of attractive incentives to offer alongside our Tax and Customs Sites, these include:

Freeport East occupies a unique location at international trading crossroads between the UK, Europe and the Far East. We offer access to more than 190 countries worldwide, alongside a suite of tax and customs incentives to give businesses a competitive edge.
Across a range of cleantech sectors including green energy, clean fuels, smart grids, electric vehicles, agritech and nature-based solutions, Freeport East is a natural home.

Our Green Hydrogen Hub is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the east coast’s thriving offshore wind clusters and serving the growing demand for clean fuels in logistics, industry and maritime. Our hub facilitates up to 1GW of green hydrogen, while also acting as a nexus for innovators and green investors.

Freeport East is already building industry and academic partnerships for innovation in cleantech, maritime fuels and much more. We are a trusted partner that seeks to work with businesses to facilitate valuable connections, create growth, attract investment and drive productivity. Read our case studies page for how we can work with your business.

We offer a simplified customs model that enables businesses to import, export, store or process goods more efficiently and streamlined processes for bringing goods into and moving goods between customs sites. Freeport customs sites are secure customs zones where a business can import or export goods inside the UK’s land border, but where different import or export rules apply.

A freeport customs site can be anywhere within the Freeport East geography and in specific circumstances could be located beyond that where there is a connection to Freeport East.

New investors can access net zero, skills and innovation support including funding and co-investment opportunities.

Supporting initiatives include local renewable power generation and storage, electric and hydrogen vehicle facilities and tracking of carbon emissions.

Freeport East can provide access to specialist advice on tackling regulatory barriers which may be holding back new product and service development. We help businesses to innovate and test new ideas more quickly and efficiently.

Our local communities, businesses and authorities are all trailblazers in environmental protection and recognise the need to respond to the threats and impacts of climate change. We have a key role to play in driving forward decarbonisation, facilitating a cleaner energy system and nurturing biodiversity. We want to work with partners and organisations who share this ambition and commitment.

Freeport East takes in some of the UK’s finest landscapes, historic towns and cities such as Colchester and Ipswich, and offers a quality of life that is second to none. The area has excellent schools, easy access to London, Cambridge and Norwich and to a number of international airports.

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