Across Freeport East, the inward investor and business operator will find themselves able to access a range of highly qualified, skilled and dedicated employees.

These include sectors as diverse as financial services, insurance, manufacturing, offshore wind, logistics, digital technology and agriculture.

As our local economy grows and evolves, creating new economic and employment opportunities, it is vitally important we work across our local communities to continue to develop their skills in line with business needs and ensure that everyone is included. This is a key priority for Freeport East.

Sustainable employment with targeted skills development will also play a vital role in the regeneration and growth of our local economies, reducing inequalities and providing those communities with greater access to new, exciting, diverse and sustainable labour market opportunities.

The Freeport East skills and employment plan sets out how our interventions will maximise these new labour market opportunities, with specific focus on support for those furthest from the labour market. Our agreed main areas of focus will include:

  • Enhancing local skills infrastructure
  • Securing commitments from freeport employers and their associated supply chains for people, skills and employment
  • Responding to current known skills and employment gaps
  • Ensuring inclusive and equal access – a skills delivery plan for the benefit of all championing equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Partnership arrangements for reviewing and responding to future skills priorities

We work with a broad range of partners and stakeholders to extend our current and ongoing work. will maximise delivery via existing training and education partners, including schools, colleges, universities and independent training providers as part of the development of a local skilled workforce.

If you would like to learn more about the initiatives and work being undertaken within the Freeport East area, please contact us.