pdfFreeport East Hydrogen Offtake Assessment March 2023

The Freeport East Hydrogen Hub will be one of the world’s most exciting and innovative transport decarbonisation schemes. It will create significant numbers of new jobs and will demonstrate the UK’s Net Zero capabilities.

The scheme delivers for six parts of the PM’s Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution:

  1. Hydrogen: At its peak by 2030, 1GW of hydrogen could be produced - achieving 20% of the PM’s 5GW target.
  2. Nuclear: Large parts of this hydrogen could be produced via nuclear energy at Sizewell B and then Sizewell C (SZC), when this comes online.
  3. Wind: Hydrogen will also be produced via renewable energy from nearby offshore windfarms, with the extra demand bolstering investment and accelerating progress to the 40GW target.
  4. Greener maritime: Hydrogen applications will be developed at Felixstowe and Harwich ports to power port equipment and marine vessels.
  5. Zero emission transport: A cluster-based approach to hydrogen supply and demand, including developing construction applications at Sizewell C and critical scale of Freeport East, will allow for a quick rollout of hydrogen buses, trucks, trains, construction and agriculture vehicles across the region, in London and beyond.
  6. Innovation: The hub will enable at-scale trials of multiple innovative low-carbon initiatives centred around hydrogen and nuclear technologies.

The Freeport East Hydrogen Hub will be developed with partners EDF, operators of Sizewell B and developers of Sizewell C nuclear power stations, and Ryse Hydrogen who are building the UK’s first hydrogen production and distribution network. Wrightbus and JCB will also participate in the scheme.

Hydrogen Graphic 2