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5 February 2024

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Landguard Engineering

Landguard Engineering offers high-quality fabrication and installation of steelwork. Based in Harwich, Landguard specialises in bespoke designs for industrial and commercial applications, including acoustic products, exhaust gas systems, containerised industrial enclosures and HVAC ducting. The team has extensive knowledge in structural steelwork, offshore works and welding.

Founded in 2013, Landguard Engineering has always sought to enhance employment opportunities within the Harwich area. Starting with just two employees in a rented building, the firm has grown to a team of 37 directly employed skilled staff as well as supporting wider subcontractors in the local area. Operating out of a 26,000 square feet facility, with a 80,000 square feet yard area, they have recently achieved turnover of over £6 million with ambitions to grow this in coming years.

Located next to the International Port in Harwich, Landguard benefits from the great sea connections to mainland Europe as well as proximity to major road, rail, and airport links. This prime location allows the firm to support projects across the UK and Europe – close to 50% of its high-quality manufactured engineering products are exported directly to the EU.

Landguard Engineering

Working with Freeport East – a growing relationship designed to maximise growth

Situated within one of Freeport East’s tax sites, Landguard’s recent expansion project has provided additional workshop and production capacity allowing a new range of products as well as new employment and apprenticeship opportunities.

More broadly, the Freeport East team have been working closely with Landguard Engineering to create new supply chain opportunities and ensure the wider benefits of industry around the freeport is felt directly in Harwich.

The type of innovative engineered products that Landguard produce makes them an ideal party to be involved in emerging sectors in hydrogen, offshore wind, datacentres, maritime vessels and much more. A number of prospective clients and collaborations have already been introduced through the Freeport East team and hopefully this will grow in number over the coming months and years.

Freeport East are also looking to involve Landguard in a number of industry collaborations aimed at bidding for innovation funding where their local engineering capability can add a point of differentiation as well as delivering local benefit.

Peter Wilson, Managing Director at Landguard Engineering, said:

Our emerging relationship with the team at Freeport East offers some exciting opportunities for a company like Landguard Engineering. It adds capacity to help us develop new opportunities and markets and it’s nice to know that they are looking to involve us whenever possible. More broadly, we are keen to see further investment in Harwich and for other manufacturing companies to see what’s possible here – it’s a great location to serve both UK and European markets.”

To find out more about Landguard Engineering, see their website at:

Landguard Engineering | noise control, structural steel, steel work, Harwich

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